DuBlast Output Settings

Settings Screenshot

The output settings for DuBlast are located in the Output Settings Tab of the Properties panel.


Use the Use scene camera option to force the rendering process to use the camera instead of the current view.


The resolution is a percentage of the output dimensions.


When rendering to MP4 (the default), DuBlast will automatically adjust the dimension of the playblast to fit MP4 requirements (an even number of columns and lines). This will not affect the scene output settings.

Frame range

Uncheck the Use scene frame range option to set a custom frame range for the playblast, different from the scene.


You can set a custom output path for the playblast, different from the scene/render output.

A few formats are available (PNG, JPEG, AVI JPEG and MP4); all of them are presets carefully crafted to be animator friendly (easy to seek and play). The default is MP4, which will make smaller files for the same quality and can be played easily with any player on any system. These MP4 files have custom settings to enable frame by frame seeking. They’re also very fast to encode when creating the playblast.


You can burn the metadata defined in the scene properties into the image.


The font size set in the scene settings will be scaled according to the Resolution setting of the playblast, so that the metadata text is the same size both in the 100% output of the scene and the scaled down playblast